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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Things that go bump in the Night

Everyone who knows me knows that I believe in ghosts. I also believe that a specific memory of an event can imprint itself onto a house or building causing the event to replay itself over and over again until such time as the structure is altered.

So, it should come as no surprise to know that my "new" house is infested. At first, it was just that I couldn't lie with my back towards my bedroom door without strongly feeling a presence behind me. So much so that I knew in my heart that if I allowed it, I would be able to roll over and see the "person" quite clearly. Many nights I opt to sleep on my couch.

Then it was seeing movement out of the corner of my eye. Or my dog (Jake) who NEVER barks would jump up from a sound sleep and begin growling and barking towards the hallway leading to my bedroom.

2 nights ago, I actually saw a man. An older man (55-65) walking down the hallway towards my bedroom. He was a tall big boned man with large hands. He was wearing khaki pants with a plaid shirt and his hair was silver and nearly touched his collar. I only saw him for perhaps a minute?? But his imprint on my memory was vivid indeed.

Finally last night as I sat in my office (which is across the hall from my bedroom), I had the most frightening experience.

My office is nearly a perfect square. As you come in the door to the left is a double closet which I have removed the doors and placed wire shelving inside to hold my vast overflow of books. The outside wall directly in front of the door contains 2 windows and it is beneath those windows that I have my desk and a settee. Along the right wall is a series of bookshelves and directly in back of me as I sit at my desk is a HUGE solid wooden bookshelf that goes from the floor to within 5 inches of the ceiling and spans nearly 9 feet in width. It is made from the wood recovered from an old barn and is solid and VERY heavy. It has 6 thick shelves on which I place yet more hardback books. The top 2 shelves I reserve for photo's, a couple of hurricane lamps that belonged to my grandmother, a couple of vases, etc. Sitting on the floor and pushed up against the bookshelf were 4 large boxes fully packed with more hardback books. The shelf was firmly and securely pinned against the wall and where it sits, no one (or nothing such as dogs/cats) would bump into it or knock against it in any way.

As I was sitting at my desk going over my e-mails, without warning of any kind, the bookshelf - LOADED WITH HARDBACK BOOKS - not only tipped over but landed on the other side of the aforementioned boxes. The top of the shelf came within an inch of hitting me in the back and I had to call my nephew to come in and help me push it upright in order for me to even get away from my desk.

Needless to say it spewed books all over the place. My hurricane lamps went flying (thankfully only one of the globes was broken).

I am telling you this. The only way this bookshelf could have done this is if someone with considerable strength grabbed hold of the top and pushed it over with all their might.

Also, since we've been here (a month) my son has developed this weird rash all over his body. My mother's health has declined tremendously. My lupus has flared up non stop since day one. My dogs won't sleep in the bedroom with me even though since 1997 our routine has been that once I turn out the living room lights, they head for the bedroom and that's where we all stay until morning. They now opt to sleep in the den.

I have taken digital photo's of every room and I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary in them. However, I'm telling you. This place is spooked and I am rather anxious about what he is going to do next.

The move to this house was horrendous. Everything that could go wrong - did. My deposit didn't get posted on time so instead of getting the keys on Friday as we had planned, we had to wait until Monday. The phone/cable/internet people stood me up 10 times and then when they finally did come out they encountered one obstacle after another trying to hook me up. The central heating unit stopped working and no one could figure out why. The lights would flicker for no reason. The toilets wouldn't flush. The sinks would back up and what appeared to be sand would bubble out of them. I found dead maggots in between the wooden window and the storm windows in the living room. My son threw his back out in the middle of the move and we had to hire movers to finish it up. When we were moving my mother into the house, her wheelchair fell over and we had to call the fire department to get her into the house. She has had to go to the hospital on 3 occasions since we got here because she couldn't breathe. We have two phone numbers in the house and they would both ring at the same time and when I would answer them, no one was there and nothing was showing on the caller ID.

The cards were so very stacked against us from the beginning that my new landlord even remarked that he thought the devil didn't want me to live here. I'm wondering if perhaps it was more God trying to dissuade me from living here.

I must admit, I was nervous about it when I first came to look at it. Here we have a 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 2 office, living room, 2 dens, formal dining room house which sits on a large lot at the end of a dead end street that is being rented for $900 a month. It even comes with a regulation size pool table.

I should have known. The last house I found for rent that was incredibly priced for what it offered turned out to be immensely haunted.

Well, I'm not running. This move was so traumatic that Mr. ghost will just have to deal with me because I am NOT packing all this junk up again. I like the location, I like the house, I like the yard, I like the space it offers and I'm not going anywhere.

SO, I got my trusty electric screwdriver and I screwed the bookshelf into the studs in the wall. If he pulls it down this time, I'll throw it in the dumpster and pay someone to rebuild the wall because with as many screws as I used, it will definitely take the wall with it when it goes.

Take that Mr. Ghost!

More on this saga later.

But that's just me.

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