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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today I felt kinda off. Not really sick but not really well. A little light headed and felt my energy level was WAY down. So around noon or so, I laid down to take a nap.

I dreamed I was taking a nap. Then I dreamed I woke up and when I pulled the covers back there were 4 surgical screws embedded in my left knee just above the knee cap. It didn't hurt and there was no blood in the bed. I gingerly touched the tops of them and noticed in my dream that if I touched them, it hurt. I could actually feel the screws within my bones.

The rest of my dream was weirder still and involved me going around all day long trying to find out how and why someone had inserted surgical screws in my knee. No one had a clue.

My mother was in my dream. (which automatically turned it into a nightmare). She was laying on her bed and I went in there to ask her about the screws and she had company. Her company was this mail clerk from work who is rather odd.

One of those people who thumps the Bible but when she smiles the only thing that smiles is her mouth? One of those people you would not be at all surprised when you turned on the TV set and there is a bulletin about a serial killer on the loose and you see a composite sketch of HER face? You know the type.

Mother tells me that she was just telling Sara about the screws. I looked at Sara and she was smiling alright but her eyes held pure evil.

So, eventually, I awoke from my nap and went into the living room on my way to the kitchen to get me something to drink. I stopped and told my mother about my dream. When I got to the screw part, she interrupted to tell me that she also had taken a nap and when she awoke there were 2 screws laying on the seat of her walker. She couldn't imagine where they had come from.

Very odd indeed.

This house is, I believe, demonic. It "takes naps" but eventually the evil awakens and things go from weird to monstrous in a short span of time. It concerns me as to what is coming up next for us.

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