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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mr. Man (again)

It's a good thing that no one (other than my ONE reader) knows who I really am because my posts concerning Mr. Man would probably get me locked away.

As I stated in my earlier posts, I live in a 2 story house. As I live on the decline of a large hill, the top story would actually be considered ground level and the bottom story would be considered a daylight basement.

Mr. Man made his appearance on the top floor of my house for a couple of months. My son and nephew live in the daylight basement and they never experienced anything out of the ordinary. That is until my landlord (who happens to be a preacher) sent his secretary over one day with the plumber and the secretary performed a "mini" exorcism upstairs. This was the day or so after my book case flew off the wall (written about in a previous post).

For a while everything was quiet. Then things started happening downstairs while upstairs remained quiet.

My son was in his office (downstairs) one night and began to feel odd. He thought it might be a good idea to go lay down. He got up from his desk and was walking down the hall to his bedroom when he felt something push him from behind and he fell onto the floor banging up his face, arm and leg. LOTS of blood from all three locations. He was bruised for days afterwards.

Then maybe a week later, he was in bed waking up and he distinctly heard a woman (from the other side of the bed) say "Brrr" as if she was cold. He said he was terrified to roll over in the bed for fear that he would see someone in the bed with him! (LOL) He quickly reached out and turned on his bedside lamp but he saw no one. Then as he sat up and looked around, he heard a woman say "what's your name"? He said he weakly replied to her and then beat a trail for the living room!

Yesterday, I went in to his room to see if he was okay because it was after 3 p.m. and he was still asleep. He said he wasn't able to sleep anymore. He said there are numerous shadow people down there and noises and voices.

I think that Mr. Man decided to live downstairs. Although it would appear that he brought a friend of two with him. One of which is obviously a woman.

But that's just me.


Fiona D. said...

I don't understand. Why didn't she perform the exorcism on the whole house?

Ernie said...

I dunno. I just let her do it to appease her. I didn't think it would do any good to begin with. I mean she's his SECRETARY. Don't you have to have an actual PRIEST for that stuff?? Maybe I'm just too Catholic? But apparently, she is faithful enough to take care of the top story. Maybe I should call her back to do the basement?

Fiona D. said...

I think she should do the basement and the attic and the grounds. Maybe Mr. M. can go live at the church instead for a while.

Maybe you could just throw some holy water around and do it yourself. Or some salts or incense or something. I am really not up on demon extermination. That hasn't happened to me. Yet.