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Monday, December 15, 2008

Caylee Anthony

I just can't get this "situation" out of my mind. Caylee lived with her mother in her grandparents house. Can anyone explain to me how she could possibly go missing for over a MONTH without her grandparents sitting Casey (the mother) down and demanding to know where the child is?? And keeping Casey on that couch until they got some answers??? I understand the grandmother finally called the police but DEAR GOD it was over a month AFTER she had last seen the child. I don't get it. I can promise you one thing. If my daughter and grand daughter lived in my house and I went 24 hours without seeing my grand daughter when my daughter was coming home to sleep, I would demand some answers and I wouldn't wait a bloody month to do it. Furthermore, she would tell ME or she would tell the police right then and right there. I think the grand parents should shoulder a large amount of the blame for this situation because they were Caylee's only other hope past her mother for protection. Obviously, poor Caylee had no protection. I say book them with assessory to murder. If I were on the jury, I'd vote for a conviction.

I just want to sob at the sadness of that poor child's short existence in this world. Children are supposed to be able to trip through their childhood discovering, learning, laughing, loving, having their "boo-boo's" kissed and above all else, feeling safe at all times. Grandma and Grandpa should be in jail right along side the daughter that they protect.

I have watched the jail house tape of the conversation between grandma and daughter and it is pathetic. You can tell that grandma was hanging on every word Casey uttered. You can tell that she is buying into this whole "very bad people took Caylee and now we are all in danger" soap opera scenario. Especially when she leans into the glass that separates her from Casey and asks "are we in danger?" (PLEEEASE) Grandpa just sits there looking bored and never utters a word.

If that were MY daughter, she would be in jail alone with no visits from me unless I could convince the jailers to let me in her cell and turn their backs long enough for me to beat the living s**t out of her. She'd tell me where my grandchild was or she'd be in the hospital - one or the other.

There comes a time when the kid gloves need to come off and political correctness needs to be ignored. And one of those times is when the safety of a small child is involved. We're not talking about stealing a car here. We're talking about the life of a child!

Casey is, and has been, playing this whole thing out like it's a soap opera and obviously enjoying every single minute.

My money is on a murder conviction - I don't think she'll fry over it but I do feel certain she will go to prison. Will her parents go visit her then? I wouldn't. I would change my name and move out of state and go to a hypnotist to forget I ever had a daughter.

But I hope they don't do that. I hope they stay in the house in front of where their grandchild's murdered body was found. I hope they are forced to think about THEIR part in all of this every time they have to mow the back yard, or look out the kitchen window while doing the dishes or putting chicken on the grill for dinner. I hope they hear Caylee's cries every night when they lay their heads on their pillows for what I hope are endless nights of fitful sleep. I hope they are reminded of their role every time they have to go to the grocery store and see folks sneaking glances at them and whispering behind their backs.

This all sounds so mean and cruel. But, I do blame them for a large part of this. It's obvious that Casey is a narcissitic sociopath. To that end, she cannot be fully blamed for what happened because in her twisted mind, she did nothing wrong. narcissitic sociopaths do not feel remorse for their actions or question their behavior because it truly is all about them and what they want and need that matters to the exclusion of all else. But the grandparents........that's another story. They had to know the daughter they raised and lived with. It's not as if she left town 20 years ago and they had no idea of the kind of person she had turned out to be. SHE LIVED WITH THEM! All parents know in their guts the kind of person they have raised and what they might be capable of. We might not want to admit it, and most parents are never put into a situation where they are forced to admit it, but we all know.

It was this gut feeling that drove the grandmother to call the police in the first place to report that she hadn't seen Caylee in over a month and that her daughter's car smelled like "death". Why she back pedalled after that, I can't guess. She NEARLY did something good for Caylee. She came really close but then backed off.

It all saddens and sickens me. Caylee deserved so much better than to be born into that family. So much better.

But that's just me.

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