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Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Aplogies to All!

I looked over all my postings last night. Wow! I do tend to get on that old soapbox don't I? I appear to push the edge just about as close to intolerant and "know-it-all" as I can get.

One might say that I (like many, if not most of us) truly do believe that I know it all when it comes to an issue that I am passionate about or one that strikes a moral nerve within me. The same could be said for being intolerant when said moral nerve is struck. However, I never cross over that proverbial line. I am fully aware that I do not know it all and I am anything but intolerant of everything except stupidity. I can over look and forgive ignorance, bad decisions, sometimes even lazy but stupid is beyond my ability to over look. Even when I'm the one with the stupid hat on.

Everyone has their own definition of stupid. Mine is simple. Stupid people are those who know better but choose to ignore it. Stupid people are those who when confronted with hard core evidence that they are wrong, still choose to believe their archaic or bigoted points of view. Stupid people are those that hold the entitlement attitudes about themselves.

Aw. Entitlement. I bandy that word around a bit don't I? It's one of my largest gripes about people. I guess to sum up my thoughts on entitlement, I would have to quote Ms. Staple "the world don't owe you nothing just 'cause you're here."

But that's just me.

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