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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Possible Lifetime Movie in the works

I just read an article this morning that caught my attention about a young couple who were celebrating their one year anniversary aboard a cruise ship with friends and family. A link to this story is below:

To give you a little background, Wife is a freelance reporter who met her husband in a support group for folks who had undergone bariatric treatment for weight loss. She was due to start a new job after the cruise and she was excited about it. She and her husband had decided to start a family and she was excited about that.

Husband works for a paving company. He had been arrested during their short 1 year marriage for head butting her and had his conviction diverted. His wife is missing aboard the ship for OVER 8 hours before he tells anyone. The day after he is told that security cameras caught her going over the side of the ship (but didn't catch enough to see if she was pushed), another passenger comes up to him to offer his condolences whereby "concerned" husband brightly tells the passenger that he has a bucket of quarters and is on his way to the casinos to try and change his luck. BUT, he's not a suspect in her disappearance. Hmm.

Wife's mother told the FBI that her daughter was in an upbeat mood before and during the cruise, that she was excited about her new job and the possibility of having a baby. Life was good! THEN the mother follows that up with "we're afraid she chose to end her life". WHAT??!! Did I miss something here?? New job, possible new baby, massive weight loss does NOT equal suicide.

Wonder how much insurance hubby has on her? Let's not all forget the double indemnity involved in modes of passenger transportation (I checked, cruise ship falls into that category).

The article goes on to say she has had past emotional problems. Excuse me here. I take a great amount of exception with this statement being included in an effort to prove she committed suicide. One does not go from happy and excited about one's future literally one minute and then literally the next minute jump from the side of a ship, for one thing. And for another, who hasn't had some form of emotional issues in their past? Plus, if I had married a man who head butted me, I might have a few emotional issues myself in dealing with that especially since she chose to stay with the guy. Another thing, she was obviously very over weight for some time prior to her surgery and not happy with the weight (or she wouldn't have had the surgery) and that too, can lead to emotional issues. Being unhappy with the path your life has taken and then doing something positive to change it does not equal suicide. If anything it speaks volumes about her wanting to live.

Several of the passengers described the couple as "standing out" and having "raw personalities". What does that mean? Raw personality? Hmm. Does it mean they were jerks? Does it mean that they were the type of couple I hate the most - the type that will pick at one another in a negative way and even fight with one another in front of other folks? Does it mean they were just loud and obnoxious? What does that mean?

I, for one, will continue to follow this story because I believe there is far more here than meets the eye.

But that's just me.

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