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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Carl Rodgers - Becky Marzo Afterthought (cont from earlier post)

Below are cases of missing women who fit the general description of Becky Marzo and were missing around the same time as Becky.  Also I have gone forward to show that there are continuing cases of missing women in that same general area.  As I don't have access to police data bases, these are all that I could find which means in all likelihood there are others that I simply don't know about.

Now are all these cases related?  I have no idea.  However, I am suggesting that perhaps some of them may be and if that's the case, then Becky's may be as well.

However, I will go with my original thought that Becky has skipped town and will probably never resurface.  Especially after hearing that because of her actions Carl committed suicide.  Or at least if she has any shred of conscience anyway.

Becky Marzo - 12-2003
Areerat Chupracivh (body found. Have suspect but no charges) 4-2003
Carrie Ann Polega - 10-2003

Gail Masset - 11-2004
Christine Rudy - 11-2004
Tarena Hopgood - 5-2004
Irene Schaefer - 8-2004
Beulah Ware - 3-2004

Christina Thomas - 2-2005

Deidre Harm 6-2006 (body found) suspect was serial killer Christopher Revak who had close and constant ties to Wisconsin.
Jennifer Kesse 1-2006
Shannon Fischer 12-2006

Unidentified skeletal remains found on 11-23-2008. Could have been dead for approximately 5 years or 2003.


s.b7 said...
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s.b7 said...

Were all of these cases in Wisconsin? I was close to the Deidre Harm case and Christopher Revak was also being looked at for a murder in Missouri, Renee Williams, from what I understand he was actually charged for Renee Williams murder and killed himself while in jail. And it was also rumored they were looking at him for murders and disappearances from other states as well.

Ernie said...

All of these were in Wisconsin. I read that Revak committed suicide. One would think if he is going to leave this world, he would at least have the decency to leave a note admitting to his guilt so at least the families could have some sort of answers. How were you close to the Deidre Harm case? Very interesting and I would like to hear more. Thanks for the comment.

s.b7 said...

This is s.b7-

Deidre and I were best friends, and roommates until shortly before she went missing.

I don't know much about the Christopher Revak case or if the police are even still looking into him as a suspect, all I know about that is from the articles I read online.

My email is
I can give you background on Deidre and a share with you what I know about how the investigation went.

Anonymous said...

I justed want to share my sister is Tarena Hopgood. She would never leave her 2 boys behind. Something happened to her, and its sad when didn;t get alot of support to help find her, we reached out to the police, news station, the only station that would air any information in regards to my sister is channel 58, channel 6,4,12 they have requirements that they do not follow, so I'm still searching for a answer, and one day I hope to reunite with my sister...

Ernie said...

I am so sorry about your sister. I would love to post a picture of her and perphaps dedicate a post to her. I can't imagine what you're going through. Any additional info on her case would be very helpful.