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Monday, July 26, 2010

Update on Murder Investigation

The article above from the NY Times states that now the police are not so certain C.J. was the killer. I have to inject a "what did I say" in right about here.

They are now looking at his mother as a possible suspect.  They say the portion of a handwritten note they found was in her handwriting, not in C.J.'s as previosly thought.  The only words discernable were "am sorry".  They further say that initial autopsy results discovered "some pills" in her stomach so perhaps that would indicate she was trying to commit suicide.

"Some pills"??  I don't know about you but if I am going to commit suicide by taking pills, I'm going to take far more than "some pills".  I am going to take a boat load of pills.  Also, I'm not going to set my house on fire while I wait for them to work.  What if they don't work quickly enough?  Besides if she is going to kill her children and then commit suicide why set the house on fire anyway?  That's the part I just don't get.  Someone explain to me why if you are going to commit suicide why set the place on fire?  Who cares at that point if they find the bodies?  I mean, the murderer is dead so what are they going to do?  Also, what is the use of even writing a suicide note if you're going to burn the house down and destroy it?

None of this makes any sense to me at all.

I'd like to go on record as saying that NO one in that house committed these murders.  It was someone she knew and she let them into the house and they committed these crimes.  They say the father of the 2 year old has been cleared as a suspect.  So what about his associates?  Would it really be the first time that a person hired someone else to do the dirty work?  What if he owed money to some unsavory folks?

The mother worked as a security guard part time.  What if she saw or overheard something that was too delicate to allow her to walk the streets with that knowledge?  What if they came to her apartment to find out exactly what she knew and what she intended to do with that knowledge and they wound up killing them all.

I keep going back to the father of the 2 year old.  My main reason is the fact that the way these children were killed was very personal.  Slashing someone's throat, especially the throat of a child, is a very personal and rage filled act.  Usually murderers are more detached from their victims and will shoot them or tie them up and then set the house on fire.  The amount of pressure needed to exert a deep enough cut that all the necessary arteries are severed is rather high.  This is one reason I never thought C.J. did it in the first place.  In order to do it quickly and effectively, one would have to pull the head up with one hand and then, while exerting some considerable force, slash the throat. 

It is also extremely coincidental to me that the only person in that apartment whose throat wasn't cut was the 2 year old.  To me that might indicate that whoever did this, couldn't bring themselves to slash that little guy's throat.  To me that indicates a connection to that child.  An absence of rage at him.  To me that indicates the father of that child had something to do with this.  Either he personally committed the murders (it wouldn't be the first time a murderer had fooled the police) or he personally knows who committed the murders.

I would be extremely surprised to find out that there were enough pills in Mrs. Jones stomach to effectively commit suicide.  Rather I think they are going to find she was on depression or anxiety medication and that is what they will find.  She had been going through some tough times financially and was only working part time when she died.  That coupled with trying to raise 4 children alone is more than enough to necessitate a script for mood elevators.

It seems to me that when ordinary people are murdered, the level of police work is very low.  There are no celebrities or wealthy well-connected people calling city hall on a regular basis to push them to solve the crime so they look at it at face value, make their call, close the case and move on to the next one.  One less large family sucking out the taxpayers money on assistance.  It seems that unless there is crystal clear, in your face, evidence pointing to a suspect or unless a tip gets called in that works out immediately, they can't seem to be bothered with spending any length of time looking for the killer.

From all reports I've seen, Ms. Jones had no close family in New York. They are not a rich family with high connections.  They are ordinary folks.

Ms. Jones mother, Marcia Anderson, stated it best when she said, “My grandson is not a killer and my daughter is not a killer. She could never harm her babies.”

I believe you Ms. Anderson.  I just hope the police do.

But that's just me.

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