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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Caylee update

As you all know by now, they have released the facts that Caylee was found with duct tape on her mouth and on that tape was a star sticky. Does that sound like a random pedophile to you? Not to me. It sounds like something that an immature adult female would do (Casey). It also would dispel the common thought a lot of folks have that Casey gave her too much cough syrup to make her sleep and accidentally overdosed her. (She was known to do this whenever she wanted to party and Caylee was getting in her way).

Like everyone else, I have had numerous chats with my friends over this case. Most of my friends believe 1 of 3 scenarios.

1. Casey did it to rid herself of an unwanted child that severely handicapped her social life and dumped the body herself before being arrested or during the short period of time she was out on bail, (Remember her parents had "forced" her into not having an abortion and raising her child),

2. They believe that Casey did it and her mother hid the body to protect Casey (didn't do a great job of that).

3. They believe that one of Casey's men friends killed Caylee and Casey hid the body and came up with this conspiracy story that she has brandied about for months and months.

I believe Casey did it and when her mother called the police and started putting the pressure on her, Casey spilled the beans to her and grandma put the body in the woods to get it off of her property.

The area where the body was found was perfect for this as you can go from Casey/Caylee's backyard through the woods and right to the place where they found the body without ever having to be observed from the road. Perfect if you are being watched by the media and/or the police and you just want the body off your property before someone finds it.

Another reason I believe grandma is deep into this (well, more than one reason) is:
1. She called the police and was all about "Where is my grand child?" then all of a sudden she is Casey's biggest advocate. Seemingly she has swallowed each and every crazy story that has come out of Casey's mouth no matter how insane and contradictory it sounds. Not even the most hopeful of mother's would fall for the crap spewed out of Casey's mouth. Not even.

2. It has been reported that during all of the searches for Caylee's body that have occurred (and there have been many), grandma comes and talks with the press and then goes home. She doesn't beat the bushes looking for her grand daughter. Now that tells me one of two things. Either she just doesn't care enough about finding her to participate in the search and is only showing up for the press OR (and this is my bet) she knows full well that they won't find her because SHE knows exactly where the body is.

I go with the second reason. Most normal grandmothers would be out there beating the bushes back until it became so dark that she couldn't see any longer and to hell with the press.

This morning I read through the timeline of this case and it surprised me to find out that the grandfather tried to commit suicide last night.

He took photo's of his family and a lot of medication and went to a hotel room where he texted his wife and told her he didn't want to live any longer. The police found him and he is currently doing 72 hours on sucide watch at a local hospital.

When this whole thing started, apparently, Casey's car was impounded (I don't know why) and George Anthony, a former cop, and his wife, Cindy Anthony, went to pick it up.

He later told the police and the press, (and I quote), “I had bad vibes the very first day when I got that car," he told investigators on July 24, adding: "I don’t want to believe that I have, have raised someone, and brought someone in this world that could do something to another person. I don’t want to believe that."

The former cop told police that he was concerned about a familiar odor wafting from the trunk of his daughter's Pontiac Sunfire. As a former investigator, he said, he recognized the smell of death.

George Anthony's wife Cindy, who told the media the smell was that of decomposing pizza, noticed the odor in their daughter's car too, he said in interviews with detectives.

"After we pulled inside the garage ... her exact words were, ‘Jesus Christ what died?’" George Anthony told police. "That’s exactly what she said. But then she said it in a way, she says, ‘George, it was the pizza right?’ And I said, 'Yeah, it was the pizza.’

"And that’s what I left it go at that, but, I’m sitting here as the grandfather, as the father, as George Anthony and as a guy who smelled the smell before years ago, and you just never forget it. I even stuck my nose down on it and I’m, I’m concerned."

Forensic tests confirmed that hair found in the trunk of the vehicle came from a decomposing body. DNA evidence suggests a corpse had been in the car's trunk.

Personally I believe that Cindy Anthony did not participate in Caylee's death but through some misguided guilt over feeling she forced Casey to keep the baby or that she didn't protect Caylee enough or that she raised a monster or whatever, has decided to lie and obstruct justice for her daughter and has done just that.

I firmly believe that George Anthony knows FAR more than he is saying and simply couldn't take it anymore.

In previous blogs, I have talked about this case and the oddness in the fact that George Anthony stopped speaking publicaly to the press or to his daughter once she was arrested. I have spoken of the video's released from their prison visits where George is sitting there quietly and Cindy and Casey are doing all the talking. I think that is how he has handled this entire ordeal.

He sits back, keeps his mouth shut and his ears open and tries to pretend he isn't even there. That none of this is happening. He doesn't want to participate in bringing his daughter and wife down but at the same time, I don't think he is going to cover for them either. He is just going to let the police do their thing and let the chips fall where they may.

I can see how he would feel that way. However, it makes him just as culpable as Cindy in this matter by virtue of his silence. Actually it makes him MORE culpable because they are seriously deranged and have excused their behavior to the point that they don't think they are doing wrong. They think what they are doing is absolutely right and justifiable. Mr. Anthony's weak bid at suicide shows me that he, on the other hand, knows that this is wrong and not justifiable and is wracked with guilt over it. He apparently still have some control over his faculties to the point that he knows right from wrong. Having said this, he needs to go to the police and spill his guts to them. He needs to tell them each and every inconsistency he has heard or witnessed. He needs to cooperate with them fully and completely.

Of all the players, George is the only one who can really truly get to the bottom of this entire mess by the simple fact that he is a former cop who is trained in the investigation of crimes and in getting to the truth of the matter.

He is Caylee's only hope in getting justice for her murder.

If Cindy and/or Casey Anthony are innocent, then no harm done but if they are not, it's not his fault if they get caught. At least he will be able to live with himself if he does the right thing. How can he ever live with himself if he remains quiet and they get off scott free? Or, God forbid, someone else is convicted for the murder?

Let them be forced to take responsibility for their actions. They are grown after all.

I really feel badly for him. I think he is stuck in a very bad place in his life. At the same time, I feel that a part of him created the monster that is his child. I think Cindy is the one who groomed Casey to be the egotistical narcisist that she is but I also think that George sat back and watched and allowed it to happen.


But that's just me.

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