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Thursday, January 15, 2009

What's in a Name????

Adolf Hitler Campbell and his younger siblings (JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Hinler Campbell) were removed from their parents home in New Jersey by DHS. The Chief of police in their township said there were no reports of abuse or neglect. Apparently, the children (ages 3 & under) were removed because their of their parents choice of names.

Hmm. My very obvious concern about this is, what right does the government have in removing normal, healthy, happy children from parents who are not on government assistance and have admittedly NOT abused or neglected them simply because of their name?

This whole nightmare started when mother (being the monster she is) ordered a birthday cake for little Hitler and the "cake lady" upon hearing of the child's name, called DHS. I see. Ordering a birthday cake for your child ranks right up there with chaining him in the basement to a radiator while systematically starving and beating him. Good job DHS!! You are on top of these nasty abusers!

Who do you think paid to yank these kids from their homes? Who do you think paid to emotionally scar and terrify these kids AND their parents? Taxpayers. Yep. What a great use of taxpayer money. Now, who do you think is going to pay to defend the county/state when these parents sue (and pay the monetary damages when they win) because of this? Yep. Taxpayers again. I don't live in New Jersey so it won't be any of MY tax dollars at stake but if I did, there would be a lot of hell being raised in the state capital right about now.

Are there no other children in New Jersey that really are actually being neglected and/or abused that DHS could have targeted? No one beating their kid for being so loud that mom couldn't hear Jerry Springer or because he left the trailer door open when he went outside? No?? Well then I guess buying a frigging birthday cake for your kid will just have to do then won't it?

Now, I agree with the governmental agencies on one thing (and one thing only). These are just not great names for their kids. Really not good choices. But, they're not illegal choices. To my knowledge no laws have been passed stating you could not name your child after Hitler and his henchmen. They have admitted there were no reports or evidence of abuse or neglect. They said they thought the parents were causing their kids trauma when they got older because of their name choices. WHEN THEY GOT OLDER??!!

Still, that doesn't equal abuse/neglect. It equals ass beatings in the school yard and drunken fights outside bars (when they're MUCH older - at least 12 or so) it equals pissed off kids at their folks and it may even equal kids going to court when they're older and asking to have their name(s) changed. But it doesn't equal abuse/neglect.

If they are going to start snatching kids with inappropriate names who is the decider of what names are inappropriate?? I remember when I was a teenager there was this Mexican family that moved into our town (the ONLY Mexican family in the entire county - at that time). The dad's name was Jesus. What an uproar that caused!! You would have thought that he had a burning upside down Jesus effigy in his front yard. How blasphemous the town cried!! I thought the poor guy was going to get lynched before it was all over. Update: He and his family moved out of state within a few months of hitting our little town. But I digress.

So, is there going to be a list published of the "offending" names? Will Shithead be on it? Let me digress one more time here while I explain Shithead.

When I worked for DLF back in Memphis, part of my job was to interview prospective clients to see if we would be interested in their case. One day this HUGE ghetto lady rolled into our office dragging the largest 5 year old girl I have ever seen (even to this day) with her.

I took her (and her mammoth daughter) into my office and began to find out what kind of case she thought she had. Mammoth girl was like a spinning top. She simply could not be still. She was playing with the blinds (until they fell) she was grabbing stuff off the desk, she was trying to fool with the phone. Each time she would act out, her mother would scream obscenities at her threatening to beat that ass and then would reach into her purse, pull out some sugar candy and toss it to her like she was tossing treats to her dog. Like the child needed more sugar.

As for their reason for being in my office, it would appear that ghetto lady and her mammoth child had just been to Walgreens doing a little shopping. Ghetto lady saw a friend from church there and was standing in the aisle chatting with her and not watching mammoth girl when all of a sudden ghetto lady heard this loud crash followed with immediate wailing coming from mammoth girl. Ghetto lady rounded the corner and saw that mammoth girl had decided she wanted a bag of chips located at the top of the wire display shelf and had tried to climb up to it when the wire display filled with potato chip bags came crashing down on top of her. The clerk at the Walgreens had the audacity to ask ghetto lady to please keep an eye on her kid. Now ghetto lady wanted to sue them.

Trying as hard as I could NOT to roll my eyes and heave exasperated sighs, I began to take her identifying information (so I could send her a letter stating we would not be interested in her case because I was NOT about to tell this woman to her face for fear that both she and her mammoth child would sit on me and I'd never be seen again). After I got ghetto lady's name and address I asked for mammoth girls name. It is pronounced she-theed so I asked how it was spelled and she (with a straight face) said, "S-H-I-T-H-E-A-D". Wow. It was all I could do. That was the toughest interview of my life.

Now I would say that this lady needs mammoth girl taken away from her because of that grossly inappropriate name but, something tells me that between ghetto lady and mammoth girl, they will be able to trounce anyone who dares to tease her about her name. I was one of the 2 people who watched Norbit (the movie with Eddie Murphy?) The entire time I watched it, I thought, "Norbits wife is shithead!!" She is exactly how I would imagine Shithead would grow up to be. Exactly. Big, mean and abusive.

To this day whenever I hear that someone has come up missing in Memphis, I always wonder if they made fun of Shithead and are now just a greasy spot on the sidewalk. Maybe the detectives should focus on all sidewalks within a mile radius of any school that shithead attends for clues whenever anyone goes missing. Might find some DNA in those grease spots that could lead to closing many files on their desks.

Then there was Whatupmaman Jones. (I'm not making this up) I don't mind using this man's last name because I seriously doubt he and/or any member of his family can read and I have always thought it hilarious that he had such a common last name. When I asked him his name and he said "What up my man", I thought he was giving me a greeting again so I answered, "nothing, what up with you?" He looked at me humorlessly and repeated himself at which time, it dawned on me that was his name. This guy was in our office because he stepped in a hole in a vacant lot which happened to be owned by the city and twisted his ankle. He was on Medicaid and unemployed so he didn't have any medical bills or lost wages to get replaced, so we declined to represent him on that basis. But, it should be noted that this particular vacant lot was surrounded on all 4 sides with an 8 foot chain link fence and was heavily posted with no Trespassing signs. Mr. Jones admitted having to crawl under it at a spot where water drainage had caused some of the dirt to have been washed away causing there to be about a 2 foot space between the fence and the ground. He never told me (and I never asked) why he wanted in that vacant lot so badly. Another rejection.

Now in case whoever is reading this is thinking "she is just so racist" please let me explain. There are stupid people in every race. EVERY race. Hell, little Adolph's parents are lilly white. However, the 2 examples listed above just happened to win the award as far as my personal experience with stupidity goes.

SO, the point of this blog is, who has the right to decide that a child's name is so horrendous that they should be taken away from their parents and put into an already overflowing and traumatising system "for their own protection"?? Why is this okay? Someone really needs to check out the Sheriff or Constable (whoever) as well as the DHS workers who made this decision. They obviously do not know the laws or their jobs well.

But that's just me.

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