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Thursday, January 8, 2009


This is only the 1st week in 2009 and so far the news has not been encouraging. Below are just 3 examples:


BBC reports that 4 children were found "weak and terrified next to the bodies of their mothers" in the Gaza Strip after Israel's latest round of bombing. I posted a comment on that story but I doubt seriously it will be published. It was as follows: "I am so saddened that Israel never learns from their past. They illegally take a country & treat the inhabitants shamefully then they are surprised when bad things happen? Instead of trying to work things out peacefully & amicably, Israel retaliates which brings more retaliation & it never stops. When children, women, old people are subjected to this terror, it should be considered a war crime punishable by death to the leader(s) who ordered it - not the soldiers who did as they were told. I am ashamed of Israel & what it has become. An intolerant, bully who holds no value to any life other than a Jewish life." I toned it down considerably from my original thoughts, but it is still doubtful that it will make the cut.


A boy has been missing for nearly 10 years and was just reported as missing this week. Hmmm This story is beyond sad and perplexing. The adopted parents continued to receive an adoption check (I don't know what that is) from the state all this time and I am certain they will go to jail for that. However, I doubt they will ever be punished for the child's fate (whatever that was). Had they not taken money to which they were not entitled, I doubt anything at all would ever happen to these monsters.

Apparently, they were reported numerous times (mostly by relatives) for abusing this child but nothing ever came of it and the boy was left in their "care" each time. One of the natural sons of these monsters was quoted as saying "my mom is actually a good person except when she gets mad".

They made the child sleep in the bathtub without a blanket and/or pillow, the mother pulled his hair, punched him in the face and threw him against the wall, she made him do all the housework, he was not allowed to play with others, she eventually took him out of school after they reported her for abusing him, she would not feed him.

He was only 10 when he disappeared. There are police reports that he had run away a couple of times before he eventually went missing (imagine that!). Relatives have come forward to tell the police that for the past 10 years, the parents have said they gave the child back to the state because he was too much trouble. They concocted elaborate stories of how he was eventually placed in a mental institution and about his progress or lack thereof.

The "parents" latest story is that Adam ran away in 1999 but that they did not report him missing because they assumed he had connected with a sibling or gone back to his biological parents. (a 10 year old who was adopted when he was not even 2 has "connected with a sibling"?) But relatives of the Herrmans have said the couple told them the boy was returned to the state Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services. They also say that they didn't call to report him missing because they didn't want their natural children taken away from them. WHAT?? Why would they think their other children would be taken away?? That was such a weak effort on their part to excuse their behavior. Honestly.


There is a 23 year old white girl from Wisconsin (Becky Marzo) who has been missing since 2004. From all accounts, she was a bit of a wild child and by the age of 23 was living with a young black man who had custody of his 3 children.

She was apparently a party girl who would go out at night with friends leaving her boyfriend at home with the kids and would come in at all hours. She would show up with bruises and other evidence of a fight. She told her mother it came from her boyfriend. However, it should be noted that there are absolutely NO witnesses first hand or second hand (other than her mother) who can substantiate that accusation.

It should also be noted that she and her mother hadn't spoken in over EIGHT months prior to her most recent disappearance.

This is not the first time that she had just up and disappeared. The last time she disappeared was barely a year prior to her last disappearance, and her mother reported her missing. The FBI located her in Florida working as a pole dancer and "possibly prostituting herself and selling drugs".

The mother took it upon herself to be this young man's worst nightmare and has harassed him relentlessly for the past 6 years. According to the pieces I read, she did things like calling his neighbors, family, friends, employers and telling them that he had murdered her daughter. Every year on her daughter's birthday, she orchestrated "30-40" women to call his phone repeatedly for the entire 24 hours of her daughter's birthday. She vandalized his property and attempted to get his children to talk with her against their father.

After several years of the police rolling their eyes at her, she got in touch with a new detective on the police department and convinced said detective that this young man killed her daughter, drove her to his uncle's funeral parlor and put her in a casket with another body that was about to be buried.

She was so convincing that they allowed her to have a couple of bodies exhumed to check for "extras" (which they didn't find). You see boyfriend shared a car with his uncle, who happened to own a funeral home. Around 4 a.m. on the morning Becky disappeared, the car had been parked in the alley by the funeral home and had received a parking ticket. Now, from what I've read, no one has bothered to ask if uncle had the car that night or if boyfriend had it. "Mom" just jumped to the conclusion that boyfriend had it and he must have used it to transport Becky's body to the funeral home. To be fair, I probably would have jumped to that same conclusion. The only difference is, I would have made the effort to try to determine who was in possession of that car at that time.

Finally this story ended with the young man going into his garage and committing suicide.

Whether he did it or not, I don't know. What I do know is at some point the police should have stepped in and told this "mother" to back the hell off. I firmly believe that had this young man been a young woman and the mother of the missing girl been the father, the police would have been all over it and the parent would be facing at the very least, a restraining order or an arrest for impeding an ongoing police investigation.

The young man wasn't perfect, he had a couple of collars to his name and there was a report that he had indeed struck his first wife. However, striking someone years ago (however that is defined) and killing someone are two different things regardless of what the libbers would have you believe.

Everything else would point to the missing girl as being a loose cannon who did as she pleased and used whomever she could.

I hope her mother is pleased with herself because her vigilante behavior has accomplished one has adequately closed this case. Now that the young man is dead with no confession, no body, no blood, no evidence of a struggle or witnesses (even the man's children deny that they ever saw or heard their father hit, shove or otherwise abuse this girl), she will never know what happened to her daughter. Great job "mom"!

My bet is, eventually the daughter will come home on her own probably with no money, hooked on drugs and toting a kid (or two) on her hip. Will her mother at that point feel remorse for her actions leading to this man's death? No. People like that never feel remorse. She will just shrug her shoulders and say "oh well" I never liked him anyway.

Was she right in pursuing her vigilante instincts? Would any mother have done what she did in her situation? No and no. She was NOT right to harass him. I don't care what her "mother's instincts" told her or what her gut feelings were. There is not one person in this world who has not been betrayed by their "gut feelings" or instincts at some point in their life. Just because we know something in our hearts does not always necessarily make it true.

There were other avenues available to her to trap him into a confession or to prove to the police that he should be considered a person of interest. Did she take those routes? No. She decided to use the fact that she was a woman and a mother to her advantage and pointlessly harass him.

This behavior didn't find her daughter. It didn't elicit a confession out of him. It only served to put more pressure on him causing him to commit suicide. Daughter still gone and the last person on earth (the mother believes) who could tell her where her daughter is and what happened to her is now silenced forever. Case closed.

I realize that most people that might read this are sitting with their mouths agape thinking that all bets are off if their daughter is missing and their gut points them in the direction of the person responsible. However, if they were to really - truly think about it, they wouldn't do the sorts of things this woman did. Especially men. Men normally have a much more direct (and effective) way of dealing with their gut instincts whereas women like to play games. Especially when we know that we have the cover of law to hide behind. And that's what she had. The police didn't make an attempt to stop her, so she saw no reason to stop.

All I know is people have a right in this country to be innocent until proven guilty. It's the old "charge me or let me go" or the "cuff me or get out of my house" routine. And that's the way this should have gone. Either charge me with her murder or get that crazy bitch away from me.

How do we know he had anything in the world to do with her disappearance? For Pete sake, girlfriend went out partying to all hours of the mornings all the time. How does her mom know that someone she met while partying didn't off her and dump her body somewhere? How does "mom" know that girlfriend didn't just take off with someone she met while partying? Remember, she has run off before without telling anyone. (mother said she was a "bartender" at the T&A club but the FBI said otherwise - I think I'll believe them)

Also, Becky had a history of depression and erratic behavior. If, as "mom" claims, Becky went home after 2 a.m. from a night of partying and she and Carl (boyfriend) had gotten into a fight, she may very well have gone off and committed suicide in an alcohol fueled state of depression. It's for certain we'll never know now, will we?

Boyfriend seemed to me to be the more responsible person in that relationship. He's the one who got custody of his children. By "mom"'s own admissions, he's the one who was home whenever girlfriend decided to come home after being out all night. I can promise you this. If he were MY son and this happened, I'd be sitting in my lawyers office the next morning suing "mom" for every last cent she ever even looked at for the years of harassment she provided him. I'd be the one sitting in the police station bothering them to lock HER up.

It's shameful that a person can get away with this type of behavior in this country. It's also shameful that the police, her husband and the rest of her family allowed her to continue like she did.

The family/friends of Carl Rodgers, III should mount their own campaign against Becky's mother. She is going to prisons and anywhere else she can to talk about her "journey" and has even founded a foundation for mother's of missing children. She not only talks about HER journey but mentions Carl by name, as Becky's murderer! Can someone not sue this broad already!! Someone needs to take her to task and make her shut her crazy mouth!

I feel so badly for boyfriends kids and his family.

But that's just me.

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